Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Cheerleader (* UPDATED *)

I have biked to school both with Sam and Katie. With Sam, I bike behind and call out directions. That is how we get safely where we need to go, whether it is to or from School.

With Katie, it's a whole different story. She is in the bike trailer. I have the pleasure of doing most of the work. Well, that brings us to yesterday, when I had both of the girls in the back, and Lilly yelled, "GO, GO, GO, GO...." and that was ALL the way to Katie's school. Katie calls out: "You can do it." This is repeated most of the way. It was interrupted by "I am your biggest cheerleader, Do you like that I am your cheerleader?" What could I say. I told her that I LOVE that she is my cheer leader. They are verbal if they think I go to slow, then they unified call out to me "FASTER, FASTER".

Here we are home after one of our trips. The whole ride one way is 1.9 miles. So with a return trip that means about 3.8 miles. I used the car to measure it. (* UPDATED *)

I have a newfound admiration of Bike taxi's. (* UPDATED *)

Here is the route we take.


CTR2002 said...

You are such a good dad! And, I might add, Lea Anne is a GREAT photographer! :)

What a fun family you two have! :)

Kathy F. said...

What a great dad! And what great cheerleaders!