Monday, July 28, 2008

Make me a Celebrity and Family History.

It's been a while since I took the time to blog.  I have had a couple of things that have kept me busy, and that is what I will write about now.  'Make me a Celebrity' on Facebook, held my interest for a month or so.  Lea Anne started playing the game, and I got into it by playing for her, when she was not at the computer playing.  I soon found myself so into the game that I created my own Facebook profile, and quickly had over 600 Facebook friends, that all wanted to be in my Entourage.  I guess you can say I got addicted.  I reached Z-list celebrity status.  That was our goal, and to prove that I was not  totally addicted, I cut down on the time I spent playing.  I then deleted all my 600 plus Facebook friends, and started adding my real friends and family to my Facebook profile.  You can find me using this link if you want to add me to your facebook friends.... 

Well, my celebrity days are over, I used to be theonlyRuneyouknow, but I am now known as 'Elvis has left the Building' on 'Make me a Celebrity' from Mesmo on Facebook.  I soon may be "The king is dead'.

After I stepped down from the spotlight on the celebrity game, I traded one addiction with another.  I got totally into doing my own family history.  And for those that do family history research, you will understand , as I have in my recent bust of treasure seeking among my ancestors, I found a great grandmother!  That was so fun!  She have been the big hole in my family history.  I finally completed my 4 generation chart, that I started on in 1993, when I first started with family history work.  I found just a few days ago that I have direct ancestors from Finland.  And one may also be from Russia.  My last find was a 9th Cousin.  By using, I came across, Torkil Grindstein, who had some common people in his family tree to mine.  But we did not know who it was, until I, earlier today decided find out.  It turns out that he is married to my 9th Cousin Hilde Strand.