Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Rune that don't exists.
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people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Well, I just came from reading the mommyducks blog. She did not feel special, as she have about 280 with her name. I feel non-existent as there is non with my name in the US. So I don't exist or I am not here... You decide. I hope to find out who I am soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Honey, they shrunk the kids

I very much dislike false advertising. When is the burger is not as good as picture. I know that advertisers are faking the ice cream, because the ice would melt in front of the cameras due to heat from the lamps. But do they make the ice cream look better or bigger then the real thing. I have had a problem with Dairy Queen and their ice cream.

But today, when I blew up the pool we just bought from Walmart, that took the cake.

Well, on the picture on the box, the pool was really blown up, and I KNOW the kids was shrunk.

I really dislike when they manipulate the picture so much, that it fools me.

I don't know what I should do. I just feel so cheated. If I don't return it, it will be as if I accepted the price and the false advertisement. If I return it, I feel cheated for all the work I put into it. If I ask for a price reduction, I feel I support a company that cheat their customers.

The kids had fun in the pool. Well, at least Sam. But he's able to have fun in and with a pool that have an inch of water and is lacking air.

You tell me. What should I do? And what would you do?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hurra for Syttende May

USA have 4th of July. Mexico have cinco de mayo (fifth of May).

NORWAY have Syttende May (17th of May).

And as a native Norwegian, we are going to the Norwegian lodge to have ... Chili. That is right. Maybe my information is incorrect, but it's not the most Norwegian food, but that is what I have been told will be served at the celebration. Last year they served rømmegrøt.

I guess you can pronounce it like ruhmma gruhth. I figured the best way for you to get to know what it is to turn to wikipedia. So here is the link to rømmegrøt at wikipedia.

Here is a automatic translation. It surprised me when I pasted in the text that I had highlighted and ALL this came, because I had only English words when I copied before pasting it in.

Rømmegrøt is a porridge, where sour cream is basisingrediens. Andre viktige ingredienser er melk og hvetemel . Other key ingredients are milk and wheat flour. Tidligere ble rømmegrøt anvendt til spesielle anledninger, så som eksempelvis ved barsel , slått og Jonsok . Previously, rømmegrøt used for special occasions, such as for example by Maternity, turned and Jonsok. Man finner litt ulike oppskrifter avhengig av hvor man befinner seg i landet. One can find a little different recipes depending on where you are located in the country.

Vestlandet brukte man ofte semulegryn i tillegg. On the Western-man used often semulegryn as well. Oppskrifter fra Orkdal har mindre rømme og mer gryn. Recipes from Orkdal have less sour cream and more gryn. Aulestad finner man oppskrifter hvor man i tillegg har både kremfløte, risengryn og surmelk (kulturmelk/kefir). On Aulestad'll find recipes where you as well, both the whipped cream, risengryn and surmelk (kulturmelk / kefir). Som med vanlig grøt bruker man sukker, kanel og (rømme)fett. As with regular porridge use sugar, cinnamon and (Ben) fat. Man serverer gjerne rød saft til. It serves like to red juice.

--- The end of the Auto translation, and that is why people can make

And we got to see lots of people in Bunad, the national costume of Norway.

And with the fun translation of Rømmegrøt, I figured I would paste in the autotranslation of the info from the norwegian wikipedia page.

Bunad is a collectively, which is used in several types of garment in Norway. For det første brukes det om tradisjonelle folkedrakter , og for det andre brukes det om historiserende moderne festdrakter som ble konstruert i det 20. For the first used it on traditional folkedrakter, and the other is used for the historiserende modern festdrakter that were constructed in the 20. århundre . century. Bunader brukes i Norge hovedsakelig ved fest- og høytider. Bunader used in Canada primarily by a party-and parents. Navnet kommer av norrønt «búnaðr» («utstyr til hushold», «klær»). Gets its name from watering "búnaðr" ( "equipment for the household", "clothing").

De vanligste bunadstypene har navn etter det geografiske område de har sin opprinnelse i. The most common bunadstypene has named after the geographical area they have their origins in. Utformingen av bunader er resultatet av både tradisjonell utvikling og organisert arbeid for å skape festdrakter. The design of bunader is the result of both traditional development and organized efforts to create festdrakter. Utformingen av en bunad er typisk meget forseggjort, med broderier , sjal og håndsmidde sølv - eller gullsmykker . The design of a bunad is typically very forseggjort, with embroideries, scarves and håndsmidde silver - or gullsmykker.

Men folkedrakter (f.eks. beltestakk fra Telemark) er autentiske drakter, er de fleste bunader konstruerte. But folkedrakter (eg. Beltestakk from Telemark) are authentic costumes, most bunader constructed. Flertallet av drakter som markedsføres som bunader har svært liten forankring i tradisjon, men er konstruert i det tyvende århundre. The majority of suits that are marketed as bunader have very little in line with tradition, but is designed in the twentieth century. Bunadbevegelsen går tilbake til Hulda Garborg . Bunadbevegelsen go back to Hulda Garborg.

Here is a little part from the English Wikipedia site.

A bunad is a traditional Norwegian costume, typically of rural origin. Bunads are local to Norway's traditional districts, and the result both of traditional evolution and organized efforts to discover and modernize traditional designs. The designs are typically elaborate, with embroidery, scarves, shawls and hand-made silver or gold jewelery. There are bunads both for men and women, although women's bunads are more diverse and popular.

If you want to read the rest of the story, go to

And this is what the local dress for the area where my mom lives if we were to have one for our family.

But our family were never a bunad family. They are WAY expensive.

This is what my bunad would look like.

But my family history say that this is the costume I should use if I was truly traditional.

And talking about being traditional, I found that I may be related to Renée Zellweger, (I have to find out if we're related) as she is , just as me, of Sami decent, as well as all these fine people in this picture.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Presidential thoughts

Let me start out by being politically correct. I am not allowed to vote, and I am worried about that at all, because I have no strong feeling either way when it comes to politics. I just want to point this out about politicians, more specifically those senators who is running for President. I have no affiliation towards any candidate of any party, so don't misunderstand me. But, I have a hard time understanding this little fact: "Someone that is running for President, and show it so much that they solicit their friends for money to do so, obviously don't want to have their own job. And is spending about 6 months... (here those that are following politics, take that time estimate with understanding for me who don't) telling people everywhere, why they should have a different job (they want to be the President), why should they then have their current job after campaigning and have not done anything at that job for 6(?) months. Why would we then want to have them as President, if they have this feeling about their current job. I don't understand. Well, I am just me, and I am not Running for President.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sam's questions...

I was driving down the street, and Sam asked me a question. My answer was: "I don't remember on top of my head." His reply were: "How about on the bottom of your head?" No, there either. On the backside? On the front? On the Left? On the right? I just had to let him know that I did not have the answer anywhere at the time. I don't know if he was serious, but he sure sounded serious.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I love gadgets

I love gadgets. I had my biggest disappointment with gadgets a couple of weeks back. Visiting Kohl's department store, after walking through the whole store, looking at things and clothes, I spotted at sign "GADGETS". I thought all my walking finally would pay off. But to my great disappointment, it was not gadgets that was for me. It was all KITCHEN gadgets. Not quite my cup of tea.. pun intended.

I did however come across a new gadget that I think is cool. It is a blog gadget. You may have already seem it.. or not. It is the Snap Shot widget. It allows you (me to see a snap shot of the links I have on my blog. There is two settings on it. You can see the page or you can see the last posts. Great if you ask me.

I was also exited to find a blogger add-on to MS Word. But after several failed tries, I just had to admit that the blogger add-on don't work with the new Blogger. So don't go looking for it.

I have however found Firefox very valuable while blogging, as it have a build-in dictionary and spell checker. That is certainly worth a try, even if I could not have it help me with the word "defenatly".. So if you know how to spell that , let me know.

My newest gadget may be the one you will suggest for me, or I find somewhere on the internet.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Cheerleader (* UPDATED *)

I have biked to school both with Sam and Katie. With Sam, I bike behind and call out directions. That is how we get safely where we need to go, whether it is to or from School.

With Katie, it's a whole different story. She is in the bike trailer. I have the pleasure of doing most of the work. Well, that brings us to yesterday, when I had both of the girls in the back, and Lilly yelled, "GO, GO, GO, GO...." and that was ALL the way to Katie's school. Katie calls out: "You can do it." This is repeated most of the way. It was interrupted by "I am your biggest cheerleader, Do you like that I am your cheerleader?" What could I say. I told her that I LOVE that she is my cheer leader. They are verbal if they think I go to slow, then they unified call out to me "FASTER, FASTER".

Here we are home after one of our trips. The whole ride one way is 1.9 miles. So with a return trip that means about 3.8 miles. I used the car to measure it. (* UPDATED *)

I have a newfound admiration of Bike taxi's. (* UPDATED *)

Here is the route we take.