Monday, April 28, 2008


Hey who ever you are.

This is the best way I though of to have a Guest book here for you to leave a little note about yourself.

My Mission areas and companions

I decided to visit my mission's website. I served in the England Birmingham mission under President David H. Jessop and Terry Spallino from September 1995 to September 1997.

I had a wonderful time there, and miss that time, serving the Lord full time. With no concern, but for my investigators and mission rules.

While I was on the mission site, I decided to update the information there. The information about my companions can be fancifulled with HTML code. But there is not a easy way to edit that on the website. But I knew that it was easily done on the blog site. So I copied it here to edit. I thought to myself: "Why have it only there?" So I, decided to blog about it here... walking down memory lane.

So the following is the list of all the areas and companions I had while I was on my wonderful mission.

If any know any of these guys, feel free to let me know.

Bretton, Peterboro -



Beeston, Nottingham


  • Elder (Sorry, Elder, please remind me of your name)


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time for a Sunday post.

I have been thinking. Wow, and it did not hurt at all.

I was assigned to teach the lesson in Elders Quorum to day. I have had a couple of days to prepare. I thought it would be hard, as I had been up working last night. It made it easier to stay awake in class. I have to admit that there are times I have to stand up in class to stay awake. It comes with the "work at night to Sunday" part. I was easier when we had 1 o'clock church. I got a few more hours of sleep between the job and church.

In any case, I have been thinking and wondering of what to blog about. Not much have happened lately that are blogable. But I realized that much have happened in my life, that are blogable. Just because it happened a long time ago, don't make it less blogable. It just means I may have less pictures to attach.

Back to the original topic. I was, as mentioned before, assign to teach Elders Quorum to day. The topic was "Why are we Members of the Only True Church?" It was based on a article by Elder Enrique R. Falabella, Of the Seventy. If you want to read it, just follow the link. It was a fairly short article, and well worth reading. Short and sweet, and with wisdom from a 6 year old in regard to prayer. Quote: “Well, once you’ve thought of it, tell it to Him! When you finish, wait and see if He has something to tell you.”

Funny, how the wisdom of kids can blow your mind away.

I have just had my 15th anniversary of my baptism into the Church. That was a special time in my life. Just as my anniversary of my marriage and sealing to my wonderful wife of eight years, Lea Anne, My Princess Annie-Girl, that I married for Time and All Eternity in The Temple of the Lord in Portland, Oregon.

I love her so much more then she will ever understand.

Here is one of the pictures that we took on our wedding day at the Temple.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun Day at Uncle Mike's

Our kids are so very lucky to have a fun Uncle Mike. Every child should be so lucky.

We had a great visit with him and Aunt Kathy on Sunday. We spent the whole day after Church at their house. Here are some of the pictures we took while we were there.

This is not Uncle Mike's tractor, but it is one of those that is in the barn where he lives.

Uncle Mike have a great tree fort and a fun trampoline.

and he have a very fun creek with a bridge. He promised us that we are going to float boats down the creek next time we go to his house.

Here are a couple of pictures we took in barn after playing in the hay.

This big tree fell in a storm not long ago, and so did Lilly as we going to take the picture.

Here is Aunt Kathy's birds. They were sitting so nicely together, like two good friends.

Sam at the Register Guard

Sam had the opportunity to come with me to work one night. And he had so much fun, that he bragged about that at school, and when my boss Jim retired, he came to the Register Guard and asked my new boss Dave, if he could come back again. And not quite understanding what Sam wanted, he said that he could come anytime. I had to tell Sam that Dave had misunderstood, and meant that he meant to the Register Guard. So Sam said one day that he wanted to come and help Dave with his job. That would be interesting to see. Here are some of the pictures I took of Sam when he came with me to the retirement farewell for Jim.
Here is Sam on the dock. He had lots of fun, and helped a lot in the ways he was asked to.

Here is Sam pushing a ton of paper literally. Each of these rolls weights about 2000 pounds.

Here is Sam at the controll desk of the paper. Every change that do not need an actually hand to fix, can get fixed from here.

Here is Sam (1) looking in on the press, (2) looking where the "Blankets" are made, (3) where the finished paper have it's last appearance in the press room, before fore it is sent to distribution. Blankets are a sheet of metal that contains the image of the page in one color. It need 4 blankets for each page, to get all the colors it needs to be complete. When Sam was with me, they made him his own blanket to remember his visit by. He also got three papers right of the press. He gave one to aunt Patty and her neighbor Mel.

Here is Sam in the Distribution. This is some of the comics that are inserted into the Sunday paper.

Strong man Sam moving a ton of paper.

If you want to see the press in action, let me know and we can see if we can't schedule a visit on a friday afternoon when the press have an early run.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Crazy Hair Day at School

Sam have been very exited about today for a long time. It's CRAZY HAIR DAY at school. And there were quite a few that had some crazy hair due today. I guess the craziest was the Mohawk and the other one was the crazy dad who put Elmers Glue in the hair of his kid because the gel disappeared on the way to school while they were Biking. My wife was very surprised when I told her that I put Elmer's Glue in Sam's Hair.

Here is a collection of some of the "best" hair due of today.

An last but not least, Sam's teacher Bev.
Not to mention Austin who shaved his head for the occasion.

Hidden "Easter" Egg in blog.

So, I had some fun the first day I blogged... I hid a little Easter Egg in one of my posts. I have wondered if there was any one that found it? I guess the only way I can know... is if anyone comments.

Biking to School

Sam got quite exited when I asked him if he had his jacket and HELMET on, when I asked if he was ready to go to school today. He understood immediately that a helmet meant that there was a bike ride on the plan, without me telling him about it until we did. That is my way to avoid a constant nag about biking to school. Of course, that will be the way from now on. You do it once, and it is desired for the rest of the school year. That will mean that I have to get up about half an hour earlier. But what don't you do for LOVE.

Here is a collection of pictures from our journey to school today.

Here is an exited boy who is ready to roll.
He was so fast on his bike that, he took three rounds infront of our house before I got on my bike.
An action shot from the bike behind Sam, on the road.
We take the time to press the button before we cross River Road.
Sam jumping of the curb as we approached the bus stop.
I guess we waited for some roads to cross, but not all. (To Sam's defense, it was green on River Road, where we had just biked, and I thought Sam would continue onwards.)
Sam got a shoelace caught in the pedals. (Who haven't experienced that) And unfortunately did he fall down (or that I did not get a picture of him laying there), right after this picture was taken.
And there is the offending shoelace.
And here we go the wrong way, as you can see the arrow. Not to worry... it was only a empty drive through.
I am not quite sure what is happening here... But we made it to school.

Daddy's Little Girl

I have an amazing little girl. You may think that she is just beautiful, but she have a funny little talent as well.

Quite amazing and funny what a little girl can realize that she can do.
Well, you get to see this movie if it ever completes uploading... It was showing that it was uploaded. So I am not sure what's wrong. Well, now it's on, but it took me another upload to get it here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Renewed life for a sandbox- or filling the sandbox

Here's the kids, with the rest of the sand that is destined for the sandbox in our backyard. It only took 7 minuttes and 45 seconds to fill. We know that because Sam was given charge of the camera, and he took a MOVIE of the WHOLE ordeal ... so with enough requests.. we will publish that movie. (Please, if you want to see someone get a workout, go to the local gym)

This is a picture of the scale where we loaded the sand at. We need a picture to show how much our car weight without the sand. But I think we got our money's worth.

Katie with a bucket helping unloading the sand from the car. This is at 5 loads into the small tub we used to transport the sand to the sandbox from the car. They were about half of the amount of sand as I used the first time getting sand.

You can't see it here, as the kids jumped into the box right after the first tub was emptied into the box. And this is when only 5 tubs was emptied in.

10 small tubs removed. I used 10 shovel scoops to fill a tub. Not the biggest scoops, just about half scoops. Sand is very heavy after a while.

Here is the Big tub, the sandbox and the small tub used for the filling of the sandbox. 15 small (about half full, as you know, sand is very heavy).

But what is a sandbox without kids.... as you can see they stormed to it after the one picture was taken. And it has been hard getting them out of there since.
And they left the mess in the car for dad. Well, he is the one that got it in there.