Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deleted blog

I guess there is a couple, maybe even a few that my have noticed that I have deleted a whole post right here. It so happen that I had posted a post in the wrong blog. I guess when you have many different blogs, that can happen. At least that happened to me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a SMALL world

The world seems to get smaller and smaller as I grow older and older. Here I have been doing research on the Bottelsen family line. And a couple of days ago, I received an email from Else Egeland. She found my Bottelsen blog and was able to find some common ancestors, and she gave a link to parts of the family tree that I had been thinking of looking into next. While I was looking at the information and the names, I came across a name that was very familiar to me. It was the name of a teacher at my high school from many years ago, and many miles away. Even in the very northern part of Norway. I was not quite sure if it was a coincidence or if it was the same person. There was one man named Olav Erichsen, who was married to a woman with the name Sigrid Rokne. I told my wife as soon as I saw that, about my teacher friend that was named Olav Rokne Erichsen. And sure enough, a little further down the page, I found a son named Olav. How many could it be with that name? I know I am the only Rune Trygve Larsen in the world, even if I have found that there is no-one with that name in the US... (guess where I live.... and if you have read one of my old posts, you'll understand what I mean.)

I mentioned it to Else in an Email, and she confirmed that he is a second cousin of her, so all along, I have known a decedent of my 'old friend' Peder Bottelsen.

And this is the third time this have happened to me. The second time was when I told my friend Lea Anne (she later became my wife) that I knew only one person in Oregon, and her name was Kathleen Nordgaard. Should you have known.... she went to Church with Lea Anne, even if the place I knew that her hometown was a few hours away from Eugene. But that is how I got Lea Anne's number. She can tell you what she thought of me after the first time we talked on the phone.

I also had a similar experience happening to me while visiting the London Temple after my mission, when I met 7 people or couples (or families) that had a connection to me via a friend.

This was also how I became the boyfriend to an old girlfriend I had looooong ago.....

Who have you met lately that you may have a common connection with that may not be obvious.... Maybe it is me? I know of one woman that knows four of my friends from four different periods in my life. I don't know her myself, but being in the same Facebook group, I found that out. BTW, Facebook is very interesting tool to find out that kind of thing.... Maybe there is one of your friends among my friends on Facebook. Who knows who knows who!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A great day

I have enjoyed a day with the family. We took a trip to Portland, and for those that are not familiar with the distance, it's about two hour drive each way. I was happy to do so, and everyone in the family were exited for us to do this today. We were hoping to try their 99cent breakfast... but we got there about 10 minutes late as we stopped to vote. We also stopped as Big Lots have or had a good sale on portable DVD players- A 9 inch for only $49. We come to a closed location of the first Big Lots in Albany. The second Big Lots in Salem said they had been out since the first hour of the sale, on SATURDAY.... And then we made a wrong turn... making us 10 minutes late for breakfast... We survived.... and enjoyed lunch instead a little later.

On the way back, we stopped at Fry's Electronics, and found that they had the computer memory that I requested, with a $17 mail in rebate on a $30 purchase. I should have known it was too good to be true. I looked forward to installing the RAM to be able to get it going noticeable faster. As soon as I powered down the computer and opened the case, I found that my information about what RAM it using and that I had requested the wrong kind of RAM, and now I just have to travel three hours to return it, or put it into Lea Anne's computer, and have her be able to enjoy her computer even more then she is doing now.

What more can I say: Happy Belated Birthday Lea Anne!

At least I got a new supply of Cloudberry Jam at IKEA today. That is for those that speak Norwegian, Multebær syltetøy. That is what Lea Anne brought home the first time she came came from IKEA. I'm sure I will get my RAM one of these days.