Sunday, June 8, 2008

Test of new Gadgets

I, as you know, if you have read some of my old posts.  And I have now set my eyes on Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts.  And this will be the first to set a bench mark to see if it live (pun not intended) to the standard I expect.  I am writing this of line, for later to upload it.  Not that I need to do it off line.  It just happen to be that way it does the posts.  I am more interested in the possibility to cut and paste from ms word or something like it.  Being able to take something I already have written, and paste it into the blog.  For now, this is all I need to say, and really can say, except that I can tell that it seem to work fine so far.  The installation process took longer then I had expected.  But that could have something to do with the other gadget that I am testing out at the moment.  Let me clarify.  I have started the test of a different virus software, as I have recently experienced some problem with a different virus software.  I have been using AVG anti virus from Grisoft for a very long time.  And they have been the anti virus software I have recommended for all my friends until now.  But they recently changed.  And not for the better.  Even this last month they switched from the 7.5 version to a 8.0 version.  They have a free version, with limited ability, and they have wanted to let different companies "sponsor" their paid version.  But they made it difficult to find the free version, and they made it almost impossible to activate without paying after rejecting the paid version.

So I am now using Avast Antivirus software.  But I had a very hard time to uninstall the AVG, as it had not completed the installation since it was not activated.

In any case, the main reason I switched, was that I experienced that all our computers have been acting so sluggish that I was considering switching to Linux or Mac to get away from the sluggishness of MS. But it dawned on me that it may be the AV that was the cause.  And I were right, or at least I have found others that found the AV to make the computer sluggish after upgrading the AVG to 8.0 .  So I have only made the switch on one computer so far.  But so far so good.

So if you want to make the switch, here is the link that goes directly starts the download. After you have downloaded the file, that is 21.98 MB, you just install it.  Then you will need to register.  It is free, and you should not need to re-register for 14 months they claim on their web site. You will get the link when you install the software, and they send you a registration code to your email.

Now I just have to see if I will be as happy with Avast as long as I were happy with AVG.  And that must be something like, 4 or 5 years.

Let me know what Anti virus software you use, and how happy you are with your AV choice.