Sunday, October 26, 2008

I like to experiment computer stuff.

I'm on it again... I have been waiting at work for an hour now to be able to continue with my job distributing papers.  Not my dream job, but it gives me time to do my own thing while I wait.  Today, or in fact tonight, or now that is, I decided to try to mix my two new online things... actually three.. as I am using Windows Live Writer to write this blog that will be on my blog at, but will automatically feed to my facebook profile at 

I just checked back on my facebook profile and found that it had imported a link to all my 50 blog entries.  I can hardly believe that, as my wife Lea Anne that I thought was blogging much more then me, have just passed 100... that is only  twice as many... and she started blogging long before me.

I am also going to see if the pictures from our picasaweb albums will import, so I can share our pictures in one spot, and accessible from my multiple public spots.

If you want to see our pictures, you can find them at

So this is what I do when I have nothing to do at work... and get paid for it .  I guess my job is not so bad after all :)

I am open for new and exiting ways to surf the net so let me know of any new things to try.  Happy surfing.