Sunday, December 7, 2008

Arborist in action.


Here is the first picture from the tree removal party that was at our Bishops house yesterday, Saturday December 6th, 2008.

I took about 70 more pictures and movie clips that morning. A selection of those will appear on this blog, but the rest can be found at

The pictures on the Picasa site is in a small format, but if you like to have a larger picture, let me know, and I will send it in a larger format to you.

This is about an hour into the event. The other guys started about 10 AM, but I came at about 11 AM.

Until I can get the movie of the tree top removal in place here... here is a link to it.

I could have a couple of movies where the guys are taking turn using sledgehammers to wedge the wood to fireplace size pieces, and it may come, but for now, I will put in a link to where Peter Bergeson breaks apart a huge log with his bare hands all by himself. Those logs WERE REALLY HEAVY, I NEED TO MENTION IT AGAIN! I carried or rolled more than half of those logs by myself to the guys that split them.

OK, guys... here is a link to where you did a great job splitting the logs.

Neil and James


LeaAnne said...

Interesting facts Rune;)
It sure was a fun day and a great way to feel ward unity!! :) I am sure GLAD that Kathy let all us wives come in and hang out so that we could keep watch over you boys;)
Thanks for giving me more gray hair.. And more reasons to love you and your excitement for life!

Kathy F. said...

These are GREAT pictures, Rune! Thanks for taking them. And YOU were a hard worker. Thanks!

Kris/Mom said...

Great pics, Rune! It never ceases to amaze me that out daughter married someone with monkey blood!
Kris Beckstead

PJ Productions said...

Wow Rune I love that you got that on video. I can't wait to show it to Pete!

quincy said...

I am so glad you took all these pictures! It was a great day and very entertaining to watch the Man-Fest!